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Kenji Ushiro (Profile)


Ushiro-Style Breathing: Streaming Ki through the Body . . 1,512 yen
[ISBN: 9784910001005]
A freed body not being stuck.
An unified body with Ki streaming through the body.
A “Practical” breathing method that enables the body to bring out its full potential.

This practical breathing method comes from Kenji Ushiro, who has been guiding people with his Ki energy that he acquired, as a program to enable people to free their body from being stuck. This breathing method is completely different from the existing ones such as chest breathing, abdominal breathing, or tanden which require people to be conscious or image their body parts.

It is necessary to unify the body by having Ki running through the body to enable the body’s potential that people are born with. Getting back the natural body is the foundation to bring up the energy from within. This leads to the breathing that creates a body without an opening which is one of the ultimate goal of martial arts.

The book comes with illustrations that describe the breathing method and the online video demonstrating the actual breathing practice.

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The Power of Human Potential

The Power of Human Potential . . . 1,080 yen
[ISBN: 9784904464960]
"How to unlock the human's potential that people are born with."

The book addresses this key question with practical and verifiable method. A definitive edition of "Ushiro Theory."

"Unlocking human's potential" is a common theme and many books provide the "How to." The key difference of this book is to provide with practical methods that unlock the potential by first showing what it is, explaining why people are unable to unlock it, and addressing the main cause and the necessity of "Unified body" as the enabler.

This book is an edited summary of three books by Kenji Ushiro, "Humans are born complete," "Living Humbly" and "Children Can Do What Adults Cannot" with focus in unlocking human's potential. The book is in English and Japanese for a global audience.

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karate and ki

Karate and Ki . . . 2,700 yen
[ISBN: 9784904464052]
What is “Ki”? How you can make it yours?  ―― It is in “the depth of thought.” Ushiro Shihan has been teaching and coaching a great number of people all over the world using his original method of “Ki” that maximizes our potential ability. “Karate and Ki” is a milestone of life, many readers say.

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The Essence of Bujutu Karate, Kata . . . 2,592 yen
[ISBN: 9784900586796]
Kenji Ushiro sensei explores the deep meaning of five Shindo-ryu kata and the wisdom and experience they represent. Discussions of one’s psychological state, the essential role of breathing, and the concept of “zero power” in martial arts are presented.
Step-by-step photo sequences with complete explanations depict the execution of the kata, variations and applied techniques.
This book is in bilingual, Japanese-English format for international distribution.

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Ushiro Karate SANCHIN Vol.1 . . . 6,480 yen
[ISBN: 9784904464366]
This video consists of two parts: 1) the basic part including thedemonstration of Sanchin Kata with detailed explanation about the Kata byKenji Ushiro and the demonstration of Sanchin’s basic applications; and 2)the application part including free sparring applied from Sanchin distribution.
English Audio only   (110g)

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DVD Ushiro Karate at the Aiki Expo

Ushiro Karate at the Aiki Expo . . . 4,000 yen 
The Aiki Expo was the largest aikido event in the world. It was held in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2002 & 2003, and was held in Los Angeles, California in 2005.
Stanley Pranin, the organizer of this event, invited Kenji Ushiro Shihan in order to expose aikido practitioners to addressing truly effective attacks such as those used in the style of karate taught by Ushiro Shihan.
English Audio only (110g)

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Ushiro Karate 1

Ushiro Karate 1 . . . 6,480 yen
[ISBN: 9784900586857]
・The Absolute Principles of Bujutsu: explanation & demonstration
・Training at the Tokyo Karate Jissen Juku Dojo: Part One
・Colorado Aikido Seminar
English subtitles (110g)

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Ushiro Karate 2

Ushiro Karate 2 . . . 6,480 yen
[ISBN: 9784900586864]
・The concept of “Sen” in Bujutsu: explanation & demonstration
・Training at the Tokyo Karate Jissen Juku Dojo: Part Two
・Changeover to Bujutsu Karate: Training at the Kazumi Dojo
English subtitles (110g)

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Ushiro Karate 3

Ushiro Karate 3 . . . 6,480 yen
[ISBN: 9784900586918]
This DVD presents Kenji Ushiro Sensei while instructing at his UK Jissenjuku dojo. The amazing scenes shown could very well be called a “Training Revolution” as Ushiro Sensei enables numerous students to perform techniques simultaneously using the essence of Bujutsu-Ki.
Included in this special edition is Ushiro Sensei — also an Iaido 7th dan recognized by the All-Japan Kendo Federation — performing tameshigiri (test-cutting) using a kodachi or short sword.English subtitles (110g)

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